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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Honest, Simple, Affordable, Dependable, Green Web Hosting! One free domain name included with your first year of hosting. Click Here for more details.

Websites for Wineries

We have a unique perspective on the website needs of wineries. Our sister company, NewEnglandWines.net, follows and reports on over 160 wineries throughout New England, giving us an insight into the winery industry second to none. We can provide your winery with either a stock or a fully customized website that will exactly meet your needs and at a very attractive price. Click Here to find out more.

Domain Names

Web Servers

You can register all the popular domains, including .com, .net, .info, .co.uk and many more. Looking for one of the new TLD's (top level domains), like .guru or .build? we can get those for you as well. Click Here for more information.

Websites for Pubs

Mug of Beer

Your Pub/Bar needs a website that will attract customers and provide them accurate and reliable information. You'll be surprised at how affordable a website can be. Click Here to find out more.

Website Analysis

Is your website performing at it's best? That may be a question you don't have an answer for. Let us analyze your site and provide you and your web-master with detailed suggestions, on how to improve your websites performance. Click Here for more information.

Custom Web Design

Custom web design at affordable prices and you don't have to pay a dime until you see the finished design and you've approved it. There are dozens of companies that say you can build your own website and for free. Click Here to learn the truth about building your own website.

Functional, Effective, Attractive and Simple Web Solutions.

At Averill Concepts our goal is to design a website that meets your needs. This must to be done in a simple, logical and effective way. A way that encourages users to interact with the site and to intuitively find the information they're looking for. We can't forget that the goal of every website is to convey information, information that highlights the products or services of your business. It does no good to have a beautiful website that's missing information or where the most basic information is difficult to find. Every website needs to be thoroughly tested. If there are pages your visitors might want to print, you need to print them to make sure they look the way they're supposed to. I visited a website recently that was very attractive and I'm sure the owners spent a lot of money on it's development. There was a "Find Us" page wiyh a great map and a button next to it that said "print". When I pressed the print button, to my surprise my printer spit out a solid black piece of paper. I tried several settings on my printer and different methods of printing the page, but the results were always the same. I gave up. When we visited, this business in person, I told them about the problems with their website, I don't know if they fixed it, but I can assure you it was a very frustrating experience. So from my point of view this website was a failure. It was not functional, simple or effective. We need to remember that for most people your website will be the first contact they make with your business, some sources say over 90%. So it's important to make a good impression, giving your potential customers the information they need in a clear and concise manner.